DPO Academy Application and Waiver Process

DPO Academy Applications

DPO courses now require certification. Anyone looking to design or teach either a DPO I or DPO II course must complete the respective DPO Academies, or receive a waiver (see below). Uncertified instructors will be restricted from being assigned to any DPO courses within the course schedule. If you have not completed a recent DPO (or DPD) nor received a waiver, please complete the DPO Academy application.

DPO Academy Application

DPO Academy Waivers

Waivers for the DPO Academies are available to faculty or staff with demonstrated expertise or prior applicable training. Participants who have successfully completed a recent DPO (DPD) Academy may be granted an automatic waiver, except in some circumstances. Demonstrated expertise may include a degree in relevant fields (i.e. Gender Studies), previous and consistent scholarship clearly rooted in DPO principles, or service in related professional capacities. Applicable training can include any extensive and directly-targeted pedagogical trainings, workshops, or fellowships. Applicants for the waiver must provide adequate documentation or description to demonstrate eligibility. Trainings from external organizations are acceptable. 

All requests to waive participation in a DPO Academy will be assessed by the DPO staff, and must be submitted via our waiver form. The waiver form can be used for DPO I and/or DPO II.

DPO Waiver Application