Difference, Power, and Oppression Program

The Difference, Power, and Oppression (DPO) Program works with faculty across all fields and disciplines at Oregon State University to develop inclusive curricula that addresses institutionalized systems of power, privilege, and inequity in the United States.

About Us

Two faculty in conversation

The DPO requirement is a signature offering of Oregon State University's Core Education curriculum and includes both a foundational and advanced course. Learn more about the process for proposing a DPO course.

Three faculty in conversation

The DPO Academy is designed to facilitate focused and productive engagement with contemporary, multidisciplinary scholarship on difference, power, and oppression; critical pedagogies; and curriculum transformation.

A shelf of social justice teaching books

Our DPO teaching resource section is made up of materials designed to aid you in the development and teaching of DPO courses. Explore our compiled lists of scholarship and sample classroom writing assignments.